Monday, January 12, 2015

First Light

Better than the twinkle of dusk rimmed fireflies,
Better than marshmallow glazed pokers,
swirling words on black sky parchment,
Better than faithful night lamps fending off ferocious under bed fiends,
Better than birthday candles anchored in whipped waves of sugar frosting,
Better than stalwart lanterns amidst fickle electric fed bulbs,
Better than pure hued rainbows in storm heaved horizons,
Better than milky ways, falling stars and comet tails,
Better than sunrise and sunset over gold tipped mountains,
Better than moonshine on dimpled oceans,
Better than Tiki torches illuminating grass skirts and party huts,
Better than flickers of Christmas on winking trees,
Better than shining towers on craggy cliffs,
Better than fiery glass in stained church windows,

Once death bows low and bids farewell,
And the frail form’s reborn,
Carried gently, and softly placed,
In heaven’s pocket,

Is the wakening glimpse, sparkling and new,
Is the wonder and amazement of familiar faces, lovelier than memory,
Is the long sought peace and joy’s perfection,
Is the clarity of purpose and complete fulfillment,
Is the bright reflection, not from sun or star or moon,
Is the radiance of the loving Creator, majestic and welcoming,
Is the first light we see when our eyes truly open.

Dedicated to the beautiful Audra Cameron, who fought the good fight, 
did not allow cancer to define her, and let her faith shine.
August 16, 1994-January 3, 2015. 

Photograph Copyright © 2014 Kylie Triola.

Kylie Triola Photography

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