Monday, June 11, 2018

The Jump

Sometimes in my relationship with God, I have felt like an outside observer to my own life, watching God move and work in ways that I can only describe as “all Him.”

I’ve been astonished, time and time again, at how God can use a somewhat socially-awkward misfit and textbook introvert in His plans. I have been a guest speaker … more than once. To those who know me well, this should raise a huge, “WHAT?” To which I would answer, “I KNOW!” Who would believe it? Certainly not me. Not about me. But when I consider God, His incredible power, His joy in using the people He loves in unbelievable ways, and honestly His sense of humor, then it is not surprising at all.

I was also flabbergasted when He called me to write. I hated writing. I know hate is a strong word, but I think I am using it appropriately. Writing was something that I felt had to be done, a necessary evil, like eating peas or shaving my legs. Never did I equate writing with joy. I didn’t even like to write text messages or e-mails. And then God called me to write a devotional book for cancer survivors. I reluctantly obeyed, making it clear to God that it was definitely a one-time deal.

Then He called me to write a blog. And then a second book. To my surprise, writing became a joy, a special time of fellowship and worship with Him.

Another interesting thing about God, is that He doesn’t let me become too comfortable. Often when He speaks to me, it is to call me out of the warm and cozy corner of life that I have so carefully crafted, to go in a completely different direction. It is a constant reminder that this life I am living doesn’t really belong to me; it doesn’t follow a script or my neat and tidy plans.

Maybe God does this as a reminder that life is not within my control. Nor should it be. It is His to do with as He pleases. And I have learned from experience that God’s plans are so much bigger and better than mine.

Now again, I feel God’s calling. It is a little frightening because I do enjoy my comfy corner of the world. But again, from experience, I have learned that it is much better to jump off God’s high-dive than to remain where I feel safe. Safety apart from God’s calling is an illusion. 

So for now, God is calling me to set my blog aside. Perhaps just for a season. And perhaps there will be posts here and there as He leads. But for now, He is calling me to take a break. 

I have truly considered this time of discovering God together with you as a privilege. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I pray that as God calls you—each with your unique purpose and place in His plan—that you will know His deep and abiding love, peace, faithfulness and joy.

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