Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Fight Club

We have our hands wrapped,
Gloves on,
Heads shaved,
Veins taped,
We are ready.
We have our jaws set,
Eyes focused,
Pep talk playing,
Adrenaline racing,
We are ready.

We have our fans cheering,
Coaches prepped,
Game plan fixed,
Obstacles studied,
We are ready.

We have our game face on,
IV Primed,
Medications pumped,
Vitals monitored,
We are ready.

To Fight,
To Win,
To remember:
In the chaos is compassion,
In the diagnosis is community.

To recognize:
Victory means sharing
Hopes and sorrows,
Highs and lows.
We are a team.

To acknowledge:
Champions bind wounds together,
Climb and fall,
And pick each other up.
We are in your corner.

Copyright © 2016 Sara Nelson O’Brien
For National Cancer Survivor’s Day: June 5, 2016

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